by Jeff Eggert
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Bending Plano End Cage Angles
This How-To shows how to bend the angles in Plano end cage kits using a The Chopper by NWSL.

A NorthWest Short Line "The Chopper II" was used to bend Plano end cage angles. An old blade for The Chopper was lightly sanded to remove the knife edge, creating a dull but sharp-edged surface. The pad on the chopper was removed. A 1/16" aluminum angle was paired up after being bent a few degrees past 90° to about 80°-85°. The over bending helps as the brass angle will recoil slightly.

The angle is then place under the blade to act as a trough where the angle will be formed.

Unbent and bent angle.
Angle in trough to be bent.
Blade lowered to angle, aligned with centerline of the angle. Once aligned, slowly lower the blade, pushing the angle into the trough, it will start to bend, watch alignment as the blade lowers. The angle tends to seek the path of least resistance and can fall sideways. Reset unbent angle and try again. Tweezers work well to set the angle in the trough.
Bent angle stuck to blade after bending. Repeat bend if angle is longer than blade or needs be bent a little further.

Demonstration Video of Bending a Plano Endcage Angle
There is no narration and minimal background sound.

They say pictures are worth a 1000 words.  Well, then a video which is really whole bunch of photos, must be worth a 1000 pictures. Mathematically speaking that means a video is worth 1,000,000 words!