by Jeff Eggert
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Upgrading a Walthers 4427 with Plano Roofwalk and End Cages

CNW 95970-96469 - Low Brake Wheel

This How-To shows how a Walthers PS 4427 Low Side covered hopper was upgraded from "2 x 4" plastic end cages and plastic roofwalk to etched metal Plano parts. Plano kits inlcude:

#10875 PS2CD 4427cf Replace End Frames and details

#10878 4427LS Covered Hopper Roofwalk - CNW version - Apex pattern

The project started with a Walthers undecorated kit. For the most part the Plano instructions were followed. I have tried to note things added or done differently from the kit instructions. Note some of the grab irons are not perfect because the real car was not perfect.

Visit Plano's website.

Contents of Plano kit #10875 - End Cages
Contents of Plano kit #10878 - Roofwalk
Walthers car being prepped for Plano kits. The instructions show keeping the Walthers corner posts. I opted for removing them and instead using Plastruct #90501 3/64" styrene L-angle. This photo shows two corners complete and one uncomplete.
Top view of car showing holes drilled for the roofwalk using kit-supplied drill template. Note the corner post prep and attachment. The L-angle was thinned at the top where it is attached to the body. The body corner is also rounded to accomodate the inside fillet of the L-angle.
Major end cage parts after bending including end cage drill template.
Drill template mated with car body.
Roofwalk supports after bending. (Note hue skewed to make parts more visible.)
Roofwalk supports and major end cage pieces installed.
Close up of details.
All grab irons, details and roofwalk added. ACI tag, Archer Rivets (top of corner posts) and data placards not part of Plano kits.
Close up of B-end. White styrene parts, brass L-angles supporting end roofwalk section, air hose and black Kadee brakewheel not part of Plano kits.
Close up of A-end.
Painted and decaled model. (R-T-R equivalent)
Close up of B-end.
Close up of roofwalk and overhead profile of end cage.
Completed model with weathering.
The other side.
Close up of roofwalk.
Close up of B-end.
Close up of A-end.
Prototype CNW 96288.