by Jeff Eggert
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Bulging or Value Size Boxcar Roof
This How-To shows how a flame is used to warp and bulge the roof of a boxcar.

Flame holder - the nails act as bollisters to prevent the car body from getting into the flame.
Rocks to bulge the warm roof. Note various shapes, but all are smooth.
Bulged roof prior to painting. Thin, detached roof.
Bulged roof prior to painting. Thick, attached roof.


Hold the roof over the flame till warm, moving the roof back and forth as to not melt it (doesn't take much). Once warm, immediately move the roof to the rocks for bulging. Press down as desired. Repeat as needed to finish the roof. See video below.

Experiment before attempting on final model!
Finished car CNW 155872. Thin, detached roof.
Finished car CNW 717186. Thin, detached roof.
Finished car CNW 155028. Thin, attached roof.
Finished car CNW 718020. Thick, attached roof.

Demonstration Video of Creating a Value Sized Boxcar
This video shows how the roof is bulged in one small area. Repeat as necessary. There is no narration and minimal background sound.

They say pictures are worth a 1000 words.  Well, then a video which is really whole bunch of photos, must be worth a 1000 pictures. Mathematically speaking that means a video is worth 1,000,000 words!