Wisconsin Central SD45 Tribute

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WC SD45 Action Photos
Before all of the original WC SD45's were painted in maroon, it was common to see one running around in BN green. 4 SD45's pull a loaded coal train. A later major purchase of SD45's came from the ATSF. Railfanning was interesting for a short time while these units were renumbered but unrepainted.
The only time I ever saw a mainline freight with an SD45 running long-end forward. Some days it seemed that every train was powered by SD45's. On an SD45 the angle of the yellow nose stripes match the flare nicely.
A pair of SD45's back-to-back was the most common way to find these units in service. 2 SD45's depart Neenah with a manifest. A pair of helpers on a Southbound loaded potash train climbing the hill at Byron WI.
The hill was double tracked shortly before these photos were taken. A single SD45 was found still working as a helper in January 2006. 4 SD45's pull a manifest. On the right is train STGB, a push-pull with engines on each end. It runs from Stevens Point WI to Neenah WI, stops and changes direction and continues on to Green Bay WI. The train this day had a single SD45 on each end. On the left is NEST waiting for STGB to depart, also pulled by a single SD45.
More on STGB & GBST.

Neenah WI is like the base of a giant wye between Stevens Point WI and Green Bay WI. These trains operate with engines and a crew member on each end. When these trains get to Neenah WI, and clear the junction at North Neenah, they essentially change direction and continue on down the other "leg" of the giant wye. STGB & GBST still run the same way today as CN 416 & CN 415.

A pair of SD45's start a train up after picking cars up at Neenah WI. The silhouette of 4 flares pulling a train in the low winter sun.