Wisconsin Central SD45 Tribute

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WC SD45 Audio
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For a good listening experience, same as with Diesel Sounds, use speakers which can play a little bass. Built in laptop speakers don't do these prime movers justice.

The train on the left, CN 416 former (STGB) has pulled into the runner (siding) at Neenah WI and is awaiting permission to continue North to Green Bay WI. Train CN 407 Fond du Lac WI to Wausau WI pulls up along side 416. Both trains idle next to each other for a short time before train 407, with 2 SD45's, WC 7524 & WC 7606, gets a green light to proceed. The engineer steps the pair of SD45's through many notches from idle on up as the train accelerates out of Neenah WI.
Audio file: WCSD45Neenah1.mp3

Engines: WC 7524 SD45, WC 7606 SD45

Location: Neenah WI

Date: 06-20-2003

Duration: 2:29

File size: 1.02 MB

WC 7511 & WC 6621 lead a 51 car train CN 510 up Byron hill, Byron WI. The pair of SD45's slowly drag the train up the hill wide open in the 8th notch.
Audio file: WCSD45Byron1.mp3

Engines: WC 7511 SD45, WC 6621 SD45

Location: Byron WI

Date: 01-03-2006

Duration: 1:49

File size: 1.72 MB

Same train as above, except now the train has crested the hill and is gaining speed.
Audio file: WCSD45Byron2.mp3

Engines: WC 7511 SD45, WC 6621 SD45

Location: Byron WI

Date: 01-03-2006

Duration: 0:44

File size: 0.703 MB

WC 7606 SD45 & WC 2004 GP38-2 lead train CN 410 into Neenah WI in light dynamics.
Audio file: WCSD45Neenah2.mp3

Engines: WC 7606 SD45, WC 2004 GP38-2

Location: Neenah WI

Date: 01-18-2006

Duration: 2:11

File size: 2.06 MB