Wisconsin Central SD45 Tribute

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WC SD45 Special Paint Scheme & Unit Photos
WC 7638 one of the two Operation Lifesaver paint schemes. WC 7638 was the only unit in this paint scheme. WC 7525 in the other Operation Lifesaver paint scheme and also the only unit to where it.
WC 6634 the only SDP45. WC 6634 was acquired with the last group of SD45's the WC purchased. WC 6634
WC 7520 On the side of the long hood are the shields and words, "(FVW) August 28, 1994 First Anniversary; (WC) October 11, 1994 Seventh Anniversary". WC 7513 On the cab was written, "The Richard B. Ogilvie". WC 7551 On the side of the long hood are the words "Customer Minded Employees". Also a few SD45's and many WC engines wore the American flag on the cab.
WC 7507 with silver trucks. The silver trucks showed up on a few units after the ex-ATSF SD45's started getting repainted.